"Łysa Góra" in Dziwiszów near Jelenia Góra was discovered for the skiing by the indefatigable propagator of this sport and recreation - Mr Stanisław Rażniewski the graduate of the first age group of graduates of our Academy in 1949.

More than 45 years ago in this region a ski School and Sport Club Aesculap was established so as to train the children and youth (not only from doctor's families as the name could indicate) in the skiing. In course of looking for a convenient place for schooling the attention was once drawn to a mountain situated northwards from Jelenia Góra, on the road towards the cities of Świerzawa, Złotoryja and Legnica.

The Ski School and Sport Club Aesculap is 45 years old / established in 1970 the founders of School are: Ms. Teresa Rażniewska, Mr. Stanisław Rażniewski and Ms. Danuta Koenig. The School and Club assure upbringing and training in Alpine ski. This is a long term activity basing on a systematic training of children and youth in mountain skiing, in the course of one, two or many seasons. The members of School and Club pay fees for training and are given:
    • Training in all Saturdays and Sundays in the winter season/ on the snow/,
    • Activities in mountain tourism / once a week on Sunday, before starting the snow training,
    • Activities on the gymnastic room as the preparation to the winter season,
    • Transport to the winter place.

  • Wide spreading the idea of skiing and promotion of the region AESCULAP has made its sport facilities available for broad ski publicity. Easy for skiing mountain slopes, the possibility to ski on artificial snow, electrical illumination, good sanitary and catering conditions all this makes the Winter Sport Micro-station Łysa Góra - Dziwiszówpopular among many people from Poland and abroad. Also the communes of Je żów Sudecki and Góry Kaczawskie (Kaczawskie Mountains) are often presented in press and internet (internet service of Aesculap, Polish portals informing about ski resorts and snow conditions, regional and central Polish magazines, etc.). The Ski School Aesculap organizes several ski events having recreation and professional sport character every year. Our ski routes are wide, and are particularly suited to conduct the amateur competitions. Aesculappromotes the region also among numerous Polish ski instructors. As a member of SITN it has the possibility to wide spread information about its ski station in this society (printed advertisements in the pre season bulletin of SITN etc.). Integration of families taking part in activities of School and Club AESCULAP. Ski activities are mostly conducted on the area of Winter Sport Micro-station - ŁYSA GÓRA. The place enable the parents to see their children during training. The parents are easily ?infected" with the beauty of ski and in some time they start to learn this sport. Aesculap organizes family competitions every year. The children and their parents take part in them. A team may consist of father and son or daughter and mother and the result is a total of both times. We also organize ski fancy dress balls for the pupils and instructors.