Aesculap was founded in 1970. At the beginning of its existence there were not many participants in the trainings offered. Only few showed an interest in the school. A circle of people emotionally connected with Aesculap was also small, which resulted in its slight impact on ski environment. Ski clubs with their ski schools for children, subsidized by the state that time, were an unquestionable competition for our school. As a matter of fact those schools aimed at competitive skiing and supplying 'new blood'. Nevertheless, the fees for training were always much lower in the beginning than those in Aesculap. In many cases, the training was almost free of charge due to subsides (in the form of ski equipment, etc.) for most talented students. Such a competition obviously pulled away children from Aesculap, even those with no particular sport aspirations. The number of Aesculap members continually increased within the following few years as a result of good training work and systematic growth of its popularity. The number of people emotionally connected with the school (parents, grandparents, etc.) also significantly raised. Thus, still integrating community of Aesculap began to play a major role in the ski life of Jelenia Góra environment, which affected its development by propagating skiing. The school and club are now in. More